Song Lyrics: Tell It To The Sky

[Photo Credit: Pierre Van Crombrugghe]

[Photo Credit: Pierre Van Crombrugghe]

“When we went to record my piano parts on the ‘Fire This Love’ album, I was really excited. I’d seen this immaculate grand piano in the Sputnik Sound studio and I couldn’t wait to play it. So when the day came for me to put down my piano parts on the album, I was pretty stunned when producer Rick Price gestured away from the schmic grand piano towards an ancient upright piano in the corner and told me that I’d be playing that older piano on the album. The piano was the largest upright piano I’d ever seen - I could have crawled inside it. The sustain pedal was permanently on and some of the notes were a little eccentric to say the least.

“I remember sitting at this ancient piano to put down my piano tracks for ‘Tell It To The Sky’ and in the moment of it all, I realised that the piano that was so full of character that it just suited the song perfectly. I then thought of all the people who must have played that same piano over many years and somehow it had ended up in the corner of this studio ready to be played again.

“The idea of the line ‘Tell It To The Sky’ came about when I overheard my Mum talking to my Dad about the weather and asking if it was going to rain - Mum had been caught out a few times hanging some clothes out to dry on the clothesline. Dad didn’t think that it was going to rain and gave Mum the all clear. I distinctly remember my Mum gesturing towards a slightly greyish sky and uttering the words, ‘Tell It To The Sky’. I wrote down those words and the song basically wrote itself from there.” David Willersdorf

Tell It To The Sky

Verse 1:

You complain, you complain
How you whinge and whine, your life has been in vain
It’s so sad, Oh how sad
That life has led you to this angry place
Gotta let it go, gotta let it go
You oughta know, you oughta know


Tell it to the sky, tell it to the trees
Tell it to the birds, playing in the leaves
Tell it to the stars, tell it to the bees
Tell it to the birds, singin’ in the breeze
Tell it to the sky

Verse 2:

There’s a day and it’s coming soon
When deserts ’cross this world, they’re gonna bloom
I can’t wait for you to see
How love can change this world for you and me
Gotta let it grow, gotta let it grow
You oughta know, you oughta know

Words and Music by David Willersdorf
© 2015 David Willersdorf / Whistletone

David Willersdorf is a singer-songwriter, traveller and food and coffee enthusiast


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