The Shopping Centre

[Photo Credit: Fikri Rasyid]

[Photo Credit: Fikri Rasyid]

This incidence occurred not long after one of my albums had been released. My Dad was at one of the local shopping centres and was pleased as punch when he recognised my freshly released album being played over their in-store public address system. Song after song played as he walked up and down the aisles. He was just so happy for me that my album had been so successfully supported. Even when Dad had proceeded through the checkout and into the parking lot, he was amazed to hear my album being played over their outdoor speakers.

It was as Dad was about to get into the car, that he realised that my album was actually playing from his cell phone, and had been playing loudly from his pocket the whole time that he'd been shopping.

It also might have explained some of the looks that he'd received from the other shoppers.

As Dad told me the story, I realised once again what a great family I am a part of. We just love it when one of us does well! #familypride

David Willersdorf is a singer-songwriter, traveller and food and coffee enthusiast


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