David Willersdorf is one of the greatest songwriters I have ever come across.
— Geoff Bullock

David Willersdorf has been writing songs since he was an infant. Although many people know of David as a soul and blues singer-songwriter, his music really began in his a gospel roots as the son of a preacher, which saw David and his family travelling across Australia to many of his Dad’s gospel rallies.

“It was an exciting and unique upbringing,” recalls David. “Many times as a child, I’d be sleeping under the front row of seats at one of my Dad’s rallies while thousands of people shuffled past. Some of the great gospel musicians of our time would fly into Australia to perform at my Dad’s crusades, including Andrae Crouch, Larry Norman, Barry McGuire and many others. I remember meeting so many of these great artists, unaware of their fame until much later.”

David’s mother has given him a great love of music.

Photo Credit: Todd Boniface

Photo Credit: Todd Boniface

“My mother was one of the first gospel singers to appear on Australian television in her group, ‘The Kaid Trio’. As we’d drive from town to town, Mum would put a cassette tape into the car radio and get us singing to some of our favourite bands such as The Beach Boys, The Platters, Evie, Family and Country Sound and we’d all while away the hours by singing along in harmonies as a family. I think that these musical moments and fun imprinted on my mind a love of melody-driven songs, which have been a definite influence in my songwriting,” says David.

One of David’s first gospel songs was written when he attended university. It went on to be recorded by a raft of artists, including Hillsong, Grammy Award® winner Bishop T. D. Jakes and Grammy Award® nominee and Motown singer, Vernessa Mitchell. Many of David’s gospel songs are sung around the world each week by communities and congregations.

In 2015, David recorded Fire This Love, a mainstream album of his soul and blues songs in Nashville with Australian producer and platinum-selling artist, Rick Price (Not a Day Goes By, Walk Away Renee, River of Love, Heaven Knows). The album was recorded at Sputnik Sound studios in East Nashville. It was mixed by multi Grammy Award® winner Vance Powell (Jack White, Kings of Leon) and mastered by multi Grammy Award® winner Richard Dodd (The Dixie Chicks, Tom Petty).

David is an incredibly talented and unique artist, singer and songwriter.
— Rick Price

Fire This Love has been very well received, with David touring Australia on three national tours since the album’s release.

In 2018, David will be releasing a new soul and blues album, which will again be recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with David’s friend and producer, Rick Price.

“This new album has a lot more light and shade in both the music as well as the content,” says David. “I’ve found myself drawing on what I have observed of others and how tough some people have it these days. This new album is about that sentiment of hope, despair, love and the tenacity of just holding on to the good things to find peace and purpose in this ol’ life.”

David has performed at many hundreds of shows and has toured many thousands of kilometres. He is a highly engaging performer. David also loves getting people laughing as he shares his tour tales and many humorous anecdotes from his long years of touring. People have commented about how uplifting, meaningful and joyous David’s singing is, with powerful, moving moments intermingled with infectious laughter and interaction.

David Willersdorf’s creative catalogue speaks to the soul. The richness of his voice and soaring capacity within his range is the envy of many a performer. He oozes joy and connection with his audiences who eagerly applaud and await his next composition... A highly accomplished musician.
— Donna Dyson, ASA-APRA Songwriter of the Year

David Willersdorf spends most of his time writing and performing songs, touring, and occasionally chasing his other great passion - incredible coffee. When he isn’t travelling, David resides on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.