Song Lyrics: Lifeboat

“I wrote the song ‘Lifeboat’ after reading a number of accounts of people who had been lost at sea. Some were simply sailing along and a freak wave came out of the darkness and left them treading water far from home, not sure of their fate. I read stories of great heroism and the triumph of the human spirit. The stories and accounts really resonated with me on many levels.

“‘Lifeboat’ is a song about rescue - the feeling of being lost and alone in a situation out of your control. And also being the kind of person to chase down others in need.

“We put together the lyric clip from archival footage which really takes me back to some of the amazing accounts which led to me writing the song.” David Willersdorf


Verse 1:

You were there when I needed you
You were there when I needed a friend, you were there
You reached out to hold onto me
You reached out just to comfort me so, you were there


O how you sailed through the oceans
You came storming along to come
Save me from these waters
Save me from these waters
Oh, Ohh


You came along, shone a light in the dark
You threw a rope, went and lifted me up
You coulda run, but you came straight at me with a lifeboat
Where would I be without you holding on
I would be lost, calling out in the storm
You coulda run, but you came straight at me
With a lifeboat, Ohh

Verse 2:

I was drifting with the sea
Just despairing until you came, you were there
You knew right where to find me
You knew right when to come along, you were there


Whu-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, whu-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, Oh
Whu-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, whu-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, Oh
Ohh… Ohh… Ohh…

Words and Music by David Willersdorf
© 2015 David Willersdorf / Whistletone

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David Willersdorf is a singer-songwriter, traveller and food and coffee enthusiast


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