Song Lyrics: Wild Ride

[Photo Credit: Vladimir Vujeva]

[Photo Credit: Vladimir Vujeva]

“Wild Ride is the most interesting song I think I’ve ever written,” says David Willersdorf. “The music is like that of Rawhide or Bonanza - very much like you’d expect a cowboy to ride in on an old western television show. In my mind, though, the lyrics and music match up perfectly, as the song is all about adventure - running away from the hum drum and the everyday and rushing off to chase a dream with the girl you love. What was interesting was that I wrote the song just as I was getting ready to head over to record my ‘Fire This Love’ album in Nashville. Recording the album was completely a left turn for me, so the lyrics encapsulated what I felt at the time - that I was leaving the comfort zone and jumping out on a wild adventure.

“I keep laughing at Producer Rick Price’s original reaction to the song. We were both not sure if I should record it. We left it to the very end of the recording days and had no idea what to expect. However, all the musicians just made the song come alive. When it came time to do all the backing vocals, we didn’t end up having any female vocalists that day, so Rick and I did all the backing vocals - including the very high parts - ourselves. You can almost hear the sense of joy in the parts.

“The song has also become an unexpected favourite on my tours and a regularly requested song for me to perform. People usually call out coyote calls and howls as I sing and really get into the spirit of it all.”

Wild Ride

Verse 1:

The road, it stretches far ahead
It calls to me here in my bed
To be riding over hill and dale
Searching for that endless trail
The dreams of yore have come around
I’ll finally get to leave this town
Now the only thing that holds me back
Is the love of you my lass


I’m yearning for the life out there
There among the great unmapped
I’m cutting trails to fit my feet
Cutting trails to fit my feet


Come away, come away for a wild ride
Come away, come away for a wild ride
Where we’ll meet every hill
With an eye for the thrill
Of a wild ride, of a wild ride

Verse 2:

The distant shores, the taste of rain
The open fields, these hills untamed
How the sun reflects the pure delight
Shining from your sparkling eyes
For five long years and eight long days
I’d put away my gypsy ways
But now there you ride before me
You’re beckoning me to the sea

Words and Music by David Willersdorf
© 2015 David Willersdorf / Whistletone

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David Willersdorf is a singer-songwriter, traveller and food and coffee enthusiast


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