We Just Gotta Be (Grateful)

Words & Music by David Willersdorf

Verse 1:

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming
This life’s misunderstandings
The world, the chaos of it
And all it’s dark surroundings
I wish I had what you have
Exchange my joy for your fad
This life, the meaning of it
Come back to where we started


Sometimes, we just gotta be grateful
Sometimes, we just gotta be grateful

Verse 2:

I see my friends, my family
Our love and all it’s beauty
The sun, it keeps on rising
Each day a new horizon
I try and count my blessings
So many wonderful things
I see my joy, I choose it
I’m back to where I started


Sometimes, you just gotta be grateful

© 2016 David Willersdorf / Whistletone