The Sound of Heaven (Gospel) - CD

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The Sound of Heaven (Gospel) - CD

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Released: 2009
Label: (now Whistletone)
Studio: Recorded live at C3 Kawana Waters

In 2009, David Willersdorf released "The Sound of Heaven", a live contemporary Gospel album. The album was filmed and recorded live on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Many of the songs from the album have become congregational classics, including "With My Life (Loaves and Fishes)", "All You Have Given", "Greater", "Such a Day", "Big" and a new version of David Willersdorf's song, "Let Your Presence Fall".

"The Sound of Heaven" has been released on both CD and DVD, and has aired across the world on a variety of television and radio networks.

The CD features 11 live tracks, plus a bonus studio song.

CD Track List:

  1. Big (Live)
  2. The Sound of Heaven (Live)
  3. You're All My Love (Live)
  4. All You Have Given (Live)
  5. The Returning Song (Live)
  6. Such a Day (Live)
  7. With My Life (Loaves and Fishes) (Live)
  8. Because of You (Live)
  9. To Wait On You (Live)
  10. Greater (Live)
  11. Let Your Presence Fall (Remix) (Live)
  12. High King of Heaven (Bonus Studio Song)