So How Do I Tell You Goodbye

Words & Music by David Willersdorf

Verse 1:

String me along, bury me deep
These crumbling sidewalks
These broken-down feet
You lift me up, only to fall
I’m falling down slowly
This tumbling wall


Will I live to see anther day?
Will they carry me, carry me away?
Will I ever survive a life loving you?
Could I ever survive a life loving you?


A beautiful face and a final goodbye
These tears in my eyes are asking you ‘Why?’
Tell me your truth and I’ll tell you no lies
‘Cause you put this blood in my eye
So how do I tell you goodbye?

Verse 2:

I let you in, into my keep
I laid down my drawbridge
Right in your street
You took me in, you bided your time
’til you could destroy me
And I was so blind


Do I? Do I? Do I tell you good...

© 2016 David Willersdorf / Whistletone