Way of the Lord - Compassion Song Download


Released: 2014
Studio: The Base (+ various others)
Producer: Jared Haschek
Mixdown & Mastering Engineer: Phil Threlfall

Featuring Steve Grace, Steve Apirana, Peter Shurley, Judd Field, David Willersdorf, Phil Gaudion, Jared Haschek, Ben Clarke, Scott Ezzy and other artists in support of Compassion Australia.

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A Special Song for Compassion by Australian Gospel Artists

“I wanted to do something that highlights the great work of Compassion as well as celebrating some of Australia’s great Gospel music pioneers. It’s an easy way for people to support Compassion and at the same time enjoy a very unique collaboration of some of Australia’s great Gospel artists,” says David Willersdorf.

A team of Australia’s great Christian music artists have joined forces to create a one-off, history making recording of the David Willersdorf song, Way of the Lord. The song has been released as a special download with all proceeds going to child-development agency Compassion Australia.

The recording features David Willersdorf, Steve Grace, Peter Shurley, Steve Apirana, Paul Colman Trio’s Phil Gaudion, Judd Field, Scott Ezzy, Compliments of Gus’ Jared Haschek and Ben Clarke as well as a number of other instrumentalists.