Freedom's Pages - CD

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Released: 2000
Label: Artist Ministries (now Whistletone)
Studio: Roo Muzik
Producer: Craig Ross
Tracking & Mixdown Engineer: Craig Ross
Mastering: The Refinery
Genre: Contemporary Gospel

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CD Track List:

  1. Where You Go (Featuring Eric Ossebaar)

  2. Hallowed Be The Name (Featuring David Willersdorf)

  3. Always In You (Featuring Lisa Reynolds)

  4. Lay Me Down (Featuring Diana Holt)

  5. Shadow Over Me (Featuring Eric Ossebaar)

  6. We Sing (Featuring Steve Apirana)

  7. Grace and Mercy (Featuring Steve Larmar)

  8. I Will Delight (Featuring Steve Larmar, Liana Todd and David Willersdorf)

  9. Freedom’s Pages (Interlude)

  10. Found It All (Featuring Steve Apirana)

  11. Let Your Presence Fall (Featuring Lisa Reynolds and David Willersdorf)

  12. Visions of Love (Featuring David Willersdorf)