Outside Yourself (Single)

Outside Yourself is the first new single from David Willersdorf's new album, recorded in Nashville, TN.

“In a world where we’re all so inwardly focussed, I wrote Outside Yourself about reaching beyond ourselves and becoming aware of the needs of those around us. I reckon that that’s where the world becomes a better place. And in helping others - we so often find our joy too.”
— David Willersdorf



Fred Eltringham - Drums and Percussion
Aubrey Haynie - Mandolin
Steve Mackey - Bass Guitar
Rob McNelley - Electric Guitar
Rick Price - Backing Vocals
Jeff Taylor - Piano Accordion
David Willersdorf - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano and Acoustic Guitar

Produced by Rick Price
Recorded at Harpeth Trace Studio, Nashville
Eddie Spear and Rick Price - Tracking Engineers
Eddie Spear - Mix Engineer
Richard Dodd - Mastering Engineer


Video Directed by: Luke Evans & Sinead Lau
Video Produced by: John Evans & Sinead Lau
Director of Photography & Editor: Luke Evans

Starring (in order of appearance):

David Willersdorf
Wayne Moodie
Luke Evans
Molly Harvey
Prestin Smith
Sinead Lau-Evans
Francois Humbert
Rhys Vincent
Lucy the Dog

Jenny Evans
John Evans
Elizabeth Denekamp
Ahmad Ridza Mohd Rozlan
Henry Hollis
Mai Te Rangi Arahanga
Khushboo Jhugroo
Tim Evans
Caleb Evans

Outside Yourself


Verse 1:
I was lost in all my pain
I was caught up on the inside
I didn’t know who knew my name I was trying to survive
Trying to survive

Verse 2:
I caught a glimpse of a man like me
He was struggling with a burden
I’d walked that road, I’d climbed that hill
And I knew that I could help him, still
Knew that I could help him

Pre-Chorus 1:
No man’s an island to himself
You gotta live for something else

You gotta live outside yourself
Outside yourself, outside yourself

Verse 3:
There’s so much more on the other side
The grass is waiting to be watered
Don’t hold it in, just let it ride
Be the change you wanna make outside
Change you wanna make, yeah

Pre-Chorus 2:
No man’s an island on his own
You gotta live for what you know

No man’s an island to himself, you gotta live for something


© Copyright 2018 David Willersdorf / Whistletone