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David's Big Tour

David Willersdorf's OUTSIDE YOURSELF Soul & Blues Tour of Australia is kicking off soon! Your house concert could be one of his exciting tour stops!

Singer/songwriter David Willersdorf performs at a wide variety of events over the course of each year, from festivals, larger concerts, tours, community concerts and specialty workshops, through to some very unique house and pop-up concerts. We have put together some general information on a number of events for you to look over and can customise an event to suit.


What is a House Concert?

A House Concert is simply that: a concert in a house or private residence. These concerts are usually private and are not usually promoted to a wider public audience. They give the attendees a very unique experience and access to David as an artist in a way that they simply can’t experience at a large venue.

“David’s music makes our whole family smile and laugh and sing...together. His music brings us all together and not just in a physical way.”
— Grant (Concert-goer)

What to Expect

David will perform two sets of songs of 40 minutes each. He will have a small PA system with him, and will perform his songs standing behind his keyboard. Often he will be accompanied by a guitarist. It can be a fun and moving time as people engage with the songs.

“David is an incredibly talented and unique artist, singer and songwriter...”
— Rick Price
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How Can I Organise a House Concert?

In some ways, organising a House Concert is not much more work than organising a large dinner party or barbecue. Whether it’s a fully catered affair, or a combined supper where guests can bring a shared platter and BYO drinks.

What is worth remembering is that this is a Concert. David won’t be performing his songs in the background as people talk, so it’s important to stage your House Concert in such a way that people can pay attention to David’s performance during his sets of songs.

There will be plenty of time between sets and before and after the concert for people to catch up.

Many House Concert Event Organisers have had fun setting up a space with furniture and lighting which allows people to really feel special. For outdoor spaces, many organisers have arranged fire pits and braziers. If you are planning an outdoor house concert, be sure to have a rain plan in place.

David will need power set up nearby where he will be performing. If you have any cool lights to enhance things, that would be great! David will need to be able to access the House at least one and a half hours prior to the event start time.

David will also need a small table on which to place his CD’s and Download Cards for sale.

David will need a space away from your guests to prepare for his performance. This could be a separate living area or a room away from people. Talking to a lot of people prior to singing can actually use up more of David’s voice than singing itself.

Foodwise, David doesn’t tend to eat prior to singing, but loves a good cup of tea, and he will likely eat after the event. If you could make sure that some food is available for David and any team he brings to your event, that would be great.

“David Willersdorf’s creative catalogue speaks to the soul. The richness of his voice and soaring capacity within his range is the envy of many a performer. It is his songwriting however, which soars even higher than his vocals, touching souls and connecting to everyday life experiences. On stage, he oozes joy and connection with his audiences...”
— Donna Dyson, APRA Songwriter of the Year

Financial Notes

Guaranteed Minimum Appearance Fee: $600

We’ll need a guaranteed minimum amount of $600 (30 attendees x $20 each). Plus $20/person who attends over the 30 minimum attendees.

All finances need to be paid by the end of the event. No charge for under 12 years. You can charge (or not charge people) what you feel is appropriate, however, David will still require a per-person charge as described above.

You will need to collect the money from each person who attends, and that includes any latecomers. Some Organisers will collect money ahead of time to insure people’s attendance.

“David is a songwriter in the truest sense of the word. Taking time to craft each piece of art into something of value and depth, David’s songs will stay with you long after the CD or concert is finished, and keep you humming and thinking for days to come. David is an engaging, dynamic performer.”
— Jared Haschek

Ready To Go?

To kick off your own David Willersdorf House Concert, simply contact us and we can confirm the details and David’s availability.

“David Willersdorf is one of the greatest songwriters that I have ever come across.”
— Geoff Bullock