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Fire This Love (Album)

Fire This Love - CD
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Released: 2015
Label: Whistletone
Studio: Sputnik Sounds (Nashville)
Producer: Rick Price
Mix Engineer: Vance Powell
Mastering Engineer: Richard Dodd

Track List:
1. Lights
2. Waiting For Love
3. All O Me
4. Fire This Love
5. Tell It To The Sky
6. All This Time
7. When I Loved Somebody Like You
8. Lifeboat
9. Broken Bread
10. Wild Ride


About Fire This Love

Photo Credit: Price Harrison

Photo Credit: Price Harrison

In 2015, David Willersdorf recorded the first of a new line of soul and blues albums in Nashville with producer and friend Rick Price. (Prior to his new soul and blues genre, David had been writing and releasing gospel songs, many of which have gone on to be recorded by Grammy® and Dove® Award winners and nominees across the world).

"For many years, I'd been writing all these songs about life, love and adventures," said David. "As I was contemplating what I could do with the songs, I received an email from Rick Price, who was announcing his own album project. I sent a spontaneous request through to him about producing my new album. After he heard the new songs, he was really keen to work with me and the rest is history."

“I was very excited to be working with some great material as well as a great artist.”
— Rick Price

"David kept sending me song after song and I was just going, 'Wow! That’s great! Love that one, love that one, love that one.' And so I was very excited to be working with some great material as well as a great artist," Rick recalls. "There are two prerequisites for me to take on a project: first of all, do we have a great artist? Do we have great songs? That is the marriage that we need to make great music. And I’m delighted to say in this case that we have both."

David has toured "Fire This Love" over three national tours of Australia where the songs have been well-received by music-lovers.

"'Fire This Love' has an old school feel which I love, reminiscent of the 70's and early 80's in some respects. Thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics with an earthy musical feel and terrific vocals. 'Broken Bread' is my favourite." — All Round Music Fan, iTunes

"Our whole family absolutely are in love with 'Fire This Love'! Easy listening with intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies. Perfect listening in the car or lounging on the couch with a glass of red." — Cranny 75, iTunes

"'Fire This Love' is a great collection of tunes which you'll be humming for the rest of the day. Particularly love 'Waiting For Love' and 'Lifeboat'. Beautifully crafted melodies and lyrics. Highly recommend!" — Lucky Phil T, iTunes

“Man I love this album! Such great music from an awesome musician. You can't help but sing your heart out listening to it." — Granttilly, iTunes

Production Credits

Doug Lancio - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Byron House - Electric and Upright Bass
Chris Powell - Drums and Percussion
Jeff Taylor - Accordion, Pump Organ, Dolceola, Concertina and Tin Whistle
Jon Coleman - B3 Organ and Wurlitzer
Rick Price - Backing Vocals and Hand Claps
David Willersdorf - Piano, Wurlitzer, Lead and Backing Vocals and Hand Claps

Produced by Rick Price

Recorded at Sputnik Studios, Nashville

Vance Powell - Mix Engineer
Richard Dodd - Mastering Engineer
Eddie Spear - Recording Engineer
Mike Fahey - Assistant Recording Engineer