patron /ˈpeɪtr(ə)n/ a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organisation, or cause. “a celebrated patron of the arts”

David Willersdorf is an independent artist, recording and touring through cities and remote towns across Australia and beyond. Many people have chosen to become Patrons of the Arts by donating to support the valuable work David does through his music and uplifting concerts.

Donate by Credit Card

Patron of the Arts Sticker and Badge

We'd love to send you a special VIP "Patron of the Arts" Badge and "I Moustache Heart Music" Sticker to say thank you. The sticker is great for the back window of your car, and the VIP badge, when worn to any of David's concerts and glimpsed from stage, is guaranteed a Hoy or G'day from stage (and a possible non-lingering hug near the merch table). These are for everyone who has chipped in more than $50. Simply let us know about your donation, and how you've sent it through, making sure that you include your postal address.

Other ways you can support David Willersdorf and his music


Bank Transfer

Ask for David's Whistletone Bank Details and arrange a Bank Transfer. This can be a once-off transfer or a recurring amount of your choosing. Use the reference "DW Patronage" so we can put it to good use! (Enquiry form at the bottom of this page).


PayPal Transfer

Ask for David's PayPal account information and transfer funds through, making sure that you use the reference "DW Patronage" to make sure your PayPal transfer gets through. (Enquiry form at the bottom of this page).


Sponsor a "Ten Tins" Concert

In some locations on David's tours, we'll offer to hold a concert where the entrance price is ten tins of food per adult. After the concert, these items of non-perishable food are then given away to the local community through local churches and charities. We love it when people choose to cover David's tour costs of appearing at these concerts, so that we can pay it forward to local communities. (Enquiry form at the bottom of this page).


Send a Fuel Card

Over David's large tours across Australia, he goes through a LOT of fuel getting out to towns scattered across wide distances. You can mail through a fuel card which will be used on David's tour. Whenever we use a fuel card, we'll usually say G'day to the fuel donor with a phone call or a shoutout over social media, so if you'd like a holler from tour, make sure that you include your details when you send your fuel card!

Send fuel cards to:

David Willersdorf
PO Box 1546, Mooloolaba QLD 4557 Australia


Sponsor a Tour

David Willersdorf travels extensively, holding concerts right across Australia. For each tour, we often take on corporate and individual tour sponsors who help with tour costs. Some people like to remain anonymous, whilst some businesses enjoy great exposure in the media and from David's stages and social networking posts for their community mindedness and fun products. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to be a major or minor tour sponsor. (Enquiry form at the bottom of this page).


Donation Enquiry

Have a further question? Wish to ask for Bank Details or PayPal Account info? Would you like to let us know a donation is coming through and where to send your VIP "Patron of the Arts" Badge and "I Moustache Heart Music" Sticker? Shoot through a message!

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