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David Willersdorf has two parallel music streams, his much-loved contemporary gospel catalogue of songs which each week are sung by faith communities the world over, and also his new vintage-style singer/songwriter soul and blues songs, recorded in Nashville and presented before a wide range of mainstream audiences.


Mainstream Singer/Songwriter Music

Contemporary Gospel Music


David Willersdorf’s Contemporary Gospel Music

David’s contemporary gospel songs have been sung and recorded by a wide range of artists, from Hillsong Music, Grammy Award® winners and nominees, Motown greats and congregations right around the world. Every week around the globe, David’s contemporary gospel songs are used by Christian communities to bring praise and adoration to God. Whenever David can, he loves sharing his contemporary gospel catalogue of songs as part of church gatherings.

Usually when David presents his contemporary gospel songs in a local church gathering, he’ll be given a portion of the service time and will present some of his contemporary gospel songs, as well as sharing around each song with testimony and devotional thought from the Bible. This can be anywhere from twenty minutes through to most of the service depending on what is appropriate to the community in question.

“I love sharing about God’s worth, and how He has honoured each of us through our creation, our redemption and belonging with Him. I really enjoy empowering people to build the expectation that God can enjoy them and use them to impact their communities through simple lives given back to Him,” says David.


David Willersdorf’s Mainstream Singer/Songwriter Concerts

As well as his contemporary gospel catalogue of music, David has recently recorded two albums of vintage-style singer/songwriter songs in Nashville with Australian artist and producer, Rick Price.

“Even while I have been recording and touring my contemporary gospel music, over the years I found myself writing love songs and songs about broader areas of life. These new songs I have recorded over two new recent albums. And while I have a strong, vibrant Christian faith, these new songs have seen me perform in a wider variety of venues, including entertainment centres, theatres, jazz clubs and more.”

David was joined on these recent albums by some of the world’s best Grammy Award® winning engineers alongside bandmates of the likes of George Strait, Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash and others.

Usually David will partner with a local event organiser or host who will bring a crowd together for a wholesome, fun, joy-filled and poignant night of music and community. Sometimes churches will use these concerts as bridge-building events for their local community to enjoy.

"David is an incredibly talented and unique artist, singer and songwriter." Rick Price

“David is a songwriter in the truest sense of the word. Taking time to craft each piece of art into something of value and depth, David’s songs will stay with you long after the CD or concert is finished, and keep you humming and thinking for days to come. David is an engaging, dynamic performer.” Jared Haschek


Songwriting Workshops with David Willersdorf

With his experience as a songwriter, publisher and performer, David regularly teaches workshops on songwriting. His workshops cover topics such as ‘Tools to writing a great song,’ ‘Finding your audience,’ and more. He usually has plenty of room for questions and ideas to be explored and unpacked.

"David Willersdorf's creative catalogue speaks to the soul. The richness of his voice and soaring capacity within his range is the envy of many a performer. He oozes joy and connection with his audiences who eagerly applaud and await his next composition... A highly accomplished musician." Donna Dyson, ASA-APRA Songwriter of the Year

"David Willersdorf is one of the greatest songwriters that I have ever come across." Geoff Bullock


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