The Bird T-Shirts Are Back!

I was recently wearing my very own Navy “The Bird” t-shirt out to a cafe recently. A waitress stopped me and said, “I love that bird design!” While I stayed quiet about the t-shirt being from my own Fire This Love album artwork, I did celebrate the designer, Russell Hampson with her (I think we created a Russell Hampson fan club).

Not long ago, I became a little obsessed with adding every conceivable colour option to our t-shirt range. And, while I’m not saying that other colours and designs will not be making a return appearance sometime, I couldn’t help thinking about the Black and Navy t-shirts with Russell Hampson’s “The Bird” design which have stood the test of time and outsold all other designs and colours to date.

So, I’ve decided to honour the original designs and t-shirts and avoid the fuchsia pinks and the asphalt greys for now.

If you’re wanting a t-shirt which has our most popular design on a t-shirt which I have found a robust, comfortable fabric, make sure that you grab one today. It’s a short run, so don’t miss out.

And, as always, feel free to email through photo’s of you or your chosen t-shirt gift receiver wearing the t-shirt out and about (G-rated please!). I’ll add my favourite t-shirt photos to my Instagram.


David Willersdorf is a singer-songwriter, traveller and food and coffee enthusiast


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