Song Highlight: Helped Me To Stand

[Photo Credit: Peter Conlan]

[Photo Credit: Peter Conlan]

This month’s song highlight is “Helped Me To Stand”, recorded on David Willersdorf’s “Outside the Inside” album in Nashville.

“‘Helped Me To Stand’ is a song that celebrates the true friends we have in life - the crazy people who 'get' us and who hang about through life's ups and downs. It's a bit of a travelling song which came about on one of my tours as I thought about all the travelling companions I've shared the road with and who have made life loads of fun.”

Helped Me To Stand

Verse 1:

When I needed a friend
That’s when you found me and lent me a hand
It’s been a long, lonesome road
And when I saw you, it gave me such hope


You’ve been a friend to me, in all of my ways
How we survived through all those dark days
We got a sweet history
When all there was, was just you and me
And, oh, you helped me to stand
And, oh, you helped me to stand

Verse 2:

We had no place to go
So we wandered through deserts and snow
We went high, we went low
And so we journeyed to the end of the road


‘Cause what we had, it was a driving force, a mighty force
What we pursued, it was running horse, that crazy horse
When we fell down, we found our feet again, right near the end
We found a way through to love

Words and Music by David Willersdorf
© 2017 David Willersdorf / Whistletone