Song Highlight: Until I Met You

[Photo Credit: Eberhard Grossgasteiger]

[Photo Credit: Eberhard Grossgasteiger]

This month’s song highlight is “Until I Met You”, recorded on David Willersdorf’s “Outside the Inside” album, recorded in Nashville.

“I found myself writing this song about the people who are the hope-bringers of life - the ones who bring perspective to those others who are struggling to see a positive side of life.” - David Willersdorf

Until I Met You

Verse 1:

I thought that love was a pure waste of time
Until I met you, until I met you
The humdrum of life was just passing me by
Until I met you

Verse 2:

Moonbeams and roses, they just weren’t my thing
Until I met you, until I met you
The heavenly choirs I could not hear sing
Until I met you


For your’s is the voice that I hear
That whispers the raindrops away from my shoulders, Oh
And your’s is the love that I fear
Will be the undoing of all of my grouchiness, Dear

Verse 3:

My compass was broken, a ship lost at sea
Until I met you, until I met you
The meaning of life, t’was a mystery to me
Until I met you

Verse 4:

I found myself thinking of throwing it in
Until I met you, until I met you
My courage had faltered, I’d lost everything
And then I met you

Words and Music by David Willersdorf
© 2017 David Willersdorf / Whistletone