Ten Tins That Make all the Difference

People continue to ask about my "Ten Tins Concerts", where instead of tickets or door entry charges, we get each person attending to bring along ten items of non-perishable food which we donate to the local community where I'm playing.

I wish I could say that I invented the idea, however I first came across it through my friends at One Faith Band who do these kind of concerts exclusively.

They are not free concerts, but rather paying it forward concerts where we all get together and do something remarkable.

So, if you see a "Ten Tins Concert" or a "Food Entry" or a "Jammin' for the Homeless" in any of my event titles or descriptions, make sure you register your pledge to bring along ten items of food which we will assemble and donate at that event.

For all my mercy initiatives and ideas, or if you'd like to suggest a fun way that we can use my concerts for additional kindnesses, head to my Mercy Projects page.