A Company With Heart

David Willersdorf with Wayne Moodie of Brighton Homes

David Willersdorf with Wayne Moodie of Brighton Homes

Usually when I'm surprised by a business, it's for all the wrong reasons. Today, however, gave me a spring in my step when I was showed great kindness while we were out filming my new music video.

The filming started at sunrise by the ocean. It was a glorious day for filming and we had a lot of shots to cram in. Filming is such a creative and logistical process!

At one stage of filming, as we were out at the Avid Harmony development, we realised that things would be a lot simpler if we could do some filming at one of the display homes out there. A long story short, we ended up chatting to Wayne Moodie at Brighton Homes who threw the doors open for us to be able to film there. Not only did he welcome us in, he brought us all waters and after checking me out online, shared some of my events across his network!

The filming went so well, and we were stunned by the layout, design and finishes of their display home. It's so great to appreciate great workmanship as we were filming things. In fact, I heard some of the film volunteers 'oohing' and 'aahing' as they walked through the place.

Wayne and I got talking about the family values and work ethic of the company and it's so apparent through today's interaction that they really want to build a great home environment as much as they build great houses.

So great to receive such kindness from a business like Brighton Homes. Thanks for being so community minded!