The Spider Room


At one particular tour stop, I was hosted by a lovely family who had offered me a quite comfortable room. Unfortunately on this occasion, the room was filled with literally hundreds of spiders.

As far as I could tell, they were were mainly spiders of the "Daddy Long Legs" variety, and didn't look really dangerous or anything, so I thought to myself, "If I don't bother them, I'm sure that they won't bother me."

It was a little uncomfortable as I reached through the various cobwebs to plug in my phone charger in a little-used wall outlet behind the bed-head. Then a little more uncomfortable as I had to reach back again through the twitching masses to turn the power on.

I drifted off to a slightly troubled sleep.

The next morning I awoke, grabbed a shower and packed up. I went to grab my pillow -- the secret of a good sleep when travelling is to take your own pillow* -- and caught sight of some twigs on my pillowcase. I looked more closely only to realise that these weren't twigs.

There were all these spider legs and bits and pieces strewn across my pillow. As I'd been tossing and turning in my sleep, I'd unwittingly been smearing a bunch of curious spiders across my pillow with my face.

I chose to shrug my shoulders to avoid a primal scream.


* Footnote:

I was first put onto the concept of taking your own pillow everywhere by touring and session musician, 'John'. As well as packing a white noise generator to standardise the sounds of every place he sleeps in, John's standard modus operandi is to pack his own pillow for each of his hundreds of trips each year. This went a little pear-shaped one time when he arrived at his hotel with a wet pillow. A cat had apparently urinated on his luggage. He now wraps his pillow in plastic for each trip. John has reluctantly taken on the role of my 'packing mentor'.